Unified Services of Texas, Inc.


UST’s Commercial Fuel Division supports the needs of our customer base that consumes, stores, or moves fuel, lube oils and fluids. Typical markets and system types include:

  • Vehicle fleets
  • Locomotive facilities
  • CNG systems
  • Boiler fuel systems
  • Chemical handling and storage
  • Bulk plants
  • Loading facilities
  • Lubrication systems
  • Oil-water separators
  • DEF Storage & dispensing

UST also offers alternative fuel storage and dispensing systems. Our standard systems require little modification to facilitate alternative fuels such as:

  • Ethanol blends (E85)
  • Biodiesel (B20)
  • Methanol

We provide turn-key results from initial design and coordination through construction and commissioning. We offer a variety of Fuel Management Systems (FMS) for all types and size of systems. These automated fleet fueling systems are tailored to each specific client based on their infrastructure needs.

Commercial Fueling Commercial Fueling

Commercial Fueling Project for UPS in Round Rock, Texas