Unified Services of Texas, Inc.


Turn-Key Fuel Facility Maintenance, Repair, Upgrade and Construction

UST’s Fuel Service Division provides turn-key construction of military fueling facilities that include POL, hydrant system, aviation fueling, Hemitt fueling, CAB Hot Fuel and vehicle fueling.

An example of our services are listed below:

  • Modify and construct fuel hydrant systems
  • Modify and construct bulk fuel storage and handling systems
  • Design-build services for aviation and ground fueling facilities
  • Modify and contruct offload and transfer systems
  • Fuel polishing, flushing and fuel quality testing
  • Tank cleaning
  • Inspect fuel off-load, storage, and distribution facilities to detect and correct: leakage, corrosion, faulty fittings, malfunction of mechanical units, meters, gauges, float gauges, piping valves, pumps and roof sumps
  • Overhaul system components such as automatic hydraulically Controlled Pressure Regulating Valves and Excess Valves.
  • Disassemble, adjust, align, and calibrate gauges and meters.
  • Remove and install equipment such as filters and piping to modify system or repair and replace system components
  • Inspect electrical wiring, switches, and controls for safe operating condition, grounding and adjustment
  • Lubricate pumps and valves, replace gaskets/seals and correct pumping equipment misalignment
  • Clean Repair, and Inspect: aboveground/underground fuel storage tanks and distribution piping in accordance with API and STI codes/standards
  • Install and replace internal floating roofs, seals, hangers, and vacuum and pressure vents

Full Service Inspections

UST’s engineering team is licensed in many states and experienced in providing tank and facility inspections that includes API 653, STI (SP 001), API 570, State Environmental Compliance and Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC).

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